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Modern students have to spend a lot of time learning – and it’s often hard to find the time to learn additional skills that are so useful both in university and in life, especially if you are combining your studies with work. Luckily, modern technology makes it possible to learn on the go while listening to podcasts. On this page, I will share links to various FREE audio resources I think are useful for modern students. These will range from getting a first and being successful at university to being successful and motivated in everyday life. Enjoy listening!

Academic Skills Podcasts

Australian National University academic skills podcasts. A great series of podcasts about everything that you need to know to succeed at university.

Palgrave Study Skills Podcasts. These podcast are on the following topics: Tricks of the Writer’s Trade; Creative Thinking; Referencing and plagiarism; Critical analysis; Presentation skills; Exam skills; Managing your finances. All podcasts also have transcripts.

Skills for Learning from Leeds Metropolitan University.

A Set of Academic Videos and Podcasts from the University of Hull. A little about everything.

Study Skills Podcast from the University of Southampton

Start Writing Essays – a series of Podcasts on academic writing from the Open University.

Another 6-part podcast on essay-writing from Cardiff University

[the links below and their descriptions have been taken from]

Personal Development Podcasts

Robin Sharma Success Podcasts Personal and organisational effectiveness podcasts from Robin Sharma.

Zig Ziglar Podcast Renowned personal development and sales author Zig Ziglar presents a series of inspiring podcasts.

Brian Tracy Podcasts Fantastic podcasts from Brian Tracy, covering all bases from business to money, from goal setting to psychology.

Earl Nightingale: The Strangest Secret A link to the full-length original version of this fantastic personal development audio book.

James Allen: As a man thinketh Free audio version of the best personal development book of all time.

Randy Pausch: Achieving your childhood dreams Randy was a professor of computer science who passed away from cancer aged 47.  If you are to watch or to listen to one personal development piece, please make sure it’s this one.  An inspiring, emotional and uplifting lecture from a great man who is missed greatly.

General Podcast Resources

BBC Radio Podcasts A range of excellent podcasts from the BBC.

LibriVox: Free audio books Huge collection of free audio books.  Thousands of classics, from Aesop’s Fables to Kafka’s Metamorphosis.


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