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Vlad Mackevic is a freelance author entrepreneur, an academic writing expert and an employability consultant. He writes non-fiction for the mind and fiction for the soul. His non-fiction includes how-to books for students that can be downloaded or purchased from this website and articles that can be accessed for FREE via The Lecture Room. You can view Vlad’s fiction and blog for writers at EynhallowBooks where he writes under the pen name Roy Eynhallow. Vlad graduated from Aston University, Birmingham in 2011 with a First Class in International Relations and English Language.

Before graduating, he published three academic papers in the Debut Journal for Undergraduate Research in the field of linguistics (see here, here and here if you’re interested). Vlad has also worked as a writing mentor for three years, teaching students essay writing skills and as a communications officer for the Science and Technology Facilities Council for a year. He also has several publications of short fiction in small literary magazines and is currently writing two novels. Vlad is currently living in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Connect to Vlad online:


For Fiction (pen name Roy Eynhallow)





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