By Vlad Mackevic

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Let me tell you one of the most guarded secrets of university life: the first year of university is one endless opportunity. It is an opportunity to develop skills that all employers are after; it is an opportunity to find your unique academic writing voice and working style; it is an opportunity to gain work experience and become successful.

On the other hand, your first year can be a total waste – especially if you are making those seven fatal mistakes that can ruin all chances of you succeeding. Let’s see that they are:

1. Thinking that the first year does not count


This is one of the biggest lies you will ever hear in your life. The first year is the most important year of university.

The most obvious reason why it counts is because it is your time. Imagine someone told you: one year of your time is worthless; the effort you make during that time also counts for nothing. How would this make you feel? The first year is the time to gain work experience, take control of your academic and professional life and develop valuable skills! How can that not count?

Moreover, the modules you will study in your second year will be based on your first year modules, and if you make effort now, you will have to work much less in the future. The second year will be very busy, believe me, and you will save yourself a lot of time by paying more attention to your studies.

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