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By Vlad Mackevic

The main purpose of The Lecture Room is to be a channel of useful information for students who want to make it big at university – so, from time to time, we share useful links. Today I decided to share some useful sites from all areas of life – from saving money to careers to academic writing. Enjoy!

  1. Youtern – the Savvy Intern

A great, fresh, snappy blog about internships and work experience with great career tips, including interviews, CV tips, gaining valuable work experience when you’re still at university, and so on. Short and to-the-point articles, expert advice. A great read for busy people.

  1. Student Success Blog

A nice cosy blog written by students, for students. Tips on everything – from study skills to gossip about best and worst student dorms. An easy read, too!

  1. Student Beans

This one is all about saving money. Freebies, discounts, 2 for 1 deals, you name it! A great website for all cash-strapped students! It also has some great funny articles to read when you feel like procrastinating a bit 🙂

  1. Google Scholar

This one is a great repository of academic sources when you’re writing your essays and dissertations. Your university subscribes to a great number of online academic journals and, as long as you’re a student, you can download articles in PDF format for free! If you haven’t heard about academic journals before, click here to read why using them is good for you. The best place to use this website is on campus because the articles can be downloaded automatically. When off campus, you will need to use a special login, so it can be a bit more complicated.

  1. The Student Room

This one is the largest student forum in the UK. It covers everything – every area of student life, every university and every degree course. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, then you’re welcome to start a discussion – after all, it has tens of thousands of users. Someone is bound to help you find the answers!

  1. Prospects.ac.uk

The website calls itself ‘the UK’s official graduate careers website’. It has information on job opportunities, postgraduate study, graduate schemes, and – a very important section for all undergrads – detailed descriptions of jobs: what each particular job consists of, what the salary range is, what you need to get into the industry, etc. A great source of free, useful information.

  1. To do: Dissertation

This website is perhaps for more advanced students. It is managed by a PhD student who is writing her dissertation and sharing tips and advice how to do it best. Despite the fact that many of her tips apply to postgraduate work, it can still prove very useful for undergrads – after all, an undergraduate who submits work of post-graduate quality is bound to score really high!

  1. Pick the Brain

I could not have not put this one on the list.As we know, students are hard-wired to procrastinate – yet we all hate it when we do it. This website is all about personal development – gaining good habits, getting rid of bad ones, and a lot of tips for finding motivation, keeping healthy, being energetic and productive and constantly improving yourself.

  1. The Lecture Room

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