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By Vlad Mackevic

Being a student means having to write. Essays, research reports, exam papers, and finally – your dissertation.

Having to write means dealing with the Chief of the Grammar Police – your lecturer. These are the basic grammatical and spelling mistakes that your spell checker might not detect, but your lecturer will. You should be wary of them. They can cost you points.


The difference between those is the following one:

Their = belonging to them (the children are playing with their toys; the toys belong to the children).

There = not here (look over there; there are many job opportunities in the city).

They’re = they are (Look at the results! They’re astonishing).

Look at this sentence to see the difference between the three:

They’re there with their friends.


Your = belonging to you (Congratulations on finishing your studies!)

You’re = you are (If you keep procrastinating, you’re going to fail!)


Lose (verb) = opposite of to find; to misplace; (You will lose points if you do not obey essay writing rules!)

Loose (adjective) = not tight. (Those clothes are quite loose).

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