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FREE eBook on CV Writing

How to Write a CV with Little or No Work Experience. A Guidebook for Students and Recent Graduates

A new FREE eBook by Vlad Mackevic.

So, you’ve found a job advertisement. Maybe it’s a student job, maybe an internship or perhaps you’re a recent graduate looking for some serious work but just don’t know how to show your prospective employer that you’re brilliant. You’ve only worked as a waiter and belonged to a few student groups and societies. What’s brilliant about that?

Both students and recent graduates are faced with the same problem: how to write a good Curriculum Vitae (CV) with little or no work experience and be taken seriously. There are no absolute rules, but this book will provide you with a lot of tips to stimulate your creativity.

This book answers the eternal questions:

  • What skills are employers looking for?
  • How to present yourself professionally?
  • How to extract valuable information from the little work experience I’ve got?
  • What to do if I’ve never had a paid job?
  • How important are my duties/responsibilities at the workplace?

What is more, this book gives you advice on how to get work experience and what counts as work experience. Perhaps, it does not contain anything you would not find by just googling it. This is not the point. The point is that I want to share something I’ve discovered bit by bit over the years of my studies and professional life. And I want to do it for FREE.

It is a great resource for students, young graduates and those that are just starting their careers. Enjoy reading!

Provided to you by Vlad Mackevic in association with The Lecture Room.

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Enjoy your book and your university experience!

Vlad Mackevic


One thought on “FREE eBook on CV Writing

  1. I understand that you wish to launch a book ( called I understand ) Unemployed writers’ guide to Birmingham – this autumn. Margaret Hunt from Hall Green Library has given me your name. We are organising an Arts Festival in October. If you wish to be involved contact me at below.
    Steve G-H

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